Trash Talking

Mental trash talk is you own worst enemy.

The fast track to undermining your competition is to get into your opponents head. Professional athletes do this all the time to each other it is called trash talk.  They give their opponent a reason to second-guess their decisions and create inductiveness.  Once the opponent allows this, they have the upper hand and things start falling apart.

In business, trash talking is not apparent like in professional sports, but comments and accusation do occur. The voice in our head echoes these concerns like the worst trash talking professional athlete on the face of the earth.  Negative thoughts create second-guessing, indecision’s, and worst of all, it is US trash talking to OURSELVES.

Turn the voice off in your head.  We have long arms that allow us to reach around and pat ourselves on the back when we do a good deed.  Allow the inner voice to become your cheerleader who encourages calculated risks and not the trash talker who tares you down.