Tuesday the Day of Action

Making Things Happen Starts on Tuesday, Not Monday.

Tuesday is really the first productive work day of the week, since Mondays are used for organizing and planning the week. Therefore, Tuesday is the first real work day.  You will notice a change in a person’s  attitude on Tuesdays. They are committed to working and getting things done, which is not apparent on Mondays.

Meetings are held, which may or may not be productive, but the feeling that business is being conducted is created.  The office is abuzz with activity with more doors being closed, phones in hand, and emails being responded too. Ideas start on Tuesdays and drive the rest of the week to achieve a dream.

Mondays may be the first day we attend work, but Tuesdays are the day that work begins.  Therefore, if you love your job, Tuesday should be the happiest day of the week.  Happy Tuesday everyone!