Twerking with Tiger Blood

Shielded in Teflon, a personality that just does not care, millions on the line, and celebrities keep trashing their image and laughing all the way to the bank.  These individuals are gambling on their performing skills to overcome controversy and our ability to forget their misgivings.  Call it ego or just stupidity, they keep advancing their career and making money along the way.

The ability to overcome and push forward is an image that should acknowledged.  Can you fathom what it would be like to be the butt of countless jokes on national TV, the Internet, and the talk of the radio stations? As a family entertainer, one negative comment shatters a great day, week, or even a month of entertaining. Maybe this is why they are Superstars; they have accepted their image and do not look back.  Could that little voice in their head be muted, giving them the ability to express themselves in a manner that has our inner voices screaming “No, Stop!”

The “inner” voice can propeller an individual to greatness or create doubt by shredding dreams and destroying creative ideas.  Self-esteem is powerful and if you believe in yourself you can overcome negative criticisms.

The power of an image is intoxicating, and transforms normal people into a caricature that they will endure their entire life until they decide the spotlight is no longer desirable for them and they fade back into the reality of life.

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