Excerpt of  How to Enhance Your Business Through Your Image – Creation of Your Image

We wear our image like a peacock wears its feathers

Notice the background images in the video. These images hang on a wall of an Italian family-style restaurant chain. I am guessing the image the franchise likes to portray is that everyone loves Italian food. Place yourself in the dining room looking at people gorging themselves with pasta to the point that it is hanging out of their mouth. Do you really want to look at that while you eat? Does it really matter if it’s a 3 x 4 foot black and white reenactment which happened in the 1960’s and not an actual customer?  Is it easy to accept because it is an attractive women and not an overweight, toothless male? Do you overlook the decor because the Italian food is delicious and they have good service? Stop. Look around at your place of business and think, what image do I send to the world?  Do I really want to say that?