We’ve Stop Learning and Are Expected to do Greater Things

LearningWe encourage our children to keep learning, growing and developing, but why is it that when we become adults we slow down the learning process?. We settle for the CliffsNotes of learning, by watching condensed News, skim newspapers for interesting articles, flip through magazines that have more pictures and ads then real content. We listen to radio news that repeats the same summarize news broadcast over and over again yet we want our children to be well-rounded in their education and to grow up creative and educated.

How can we become experts and teach our children, when we are just sliding through life without making the effort to improve and advance.  Companies have learned to accept this logic and find it easy to replace people who conform to this thinking. Being creative and in the know, makes it harder for a company to simply plug-in another body and continue as normal.

If expanding your knowledge on a subject makes you expert, than what is stopping you from doing it?  Experts are respected and hired more readily then people with basic knowledge. Why not set an example for you kids and become an expert? The company you work for will appropriate your skill and knowledge, your kids will have a role model and along the way you too will become enlighten with the knowledge you’ve learned.