Wired for Sound

We live in a world of sounds and vivid colors, but we choose to communicate in black and white.  We show our emotions with symbols and not voice inflections.  We allow a machine to finish our words, but get upset when somebody completes our verbal thoughts.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, why do we limit ours words to 140 charters? Oddly enough it takes more energy to type then speak. We can talk quicker than type, but yet people select the more tedious form to chitchat.

Our eyes never leave the road as we fly down the street; never missing a word as we speak. The call takes minutes in full detail, not several half filled emails.

Yet the newspapers are fleeing as people are seeing it live on the news, but choose to see it on the net.

We choose our words carefully, but erupt our emotions to strangers on the newest social site. I guess this is the new standard to communicate, which is why I choose my words carefully and long for the good old days when we were wired for sound.  Our ear is blinking with that little blue light – no social etiquette would prevent us from a good old chat.